What’s The Gallery Companion?

The Gallery Companion is for people who are interested in art, who are curious and want to know more about what they are looking at.

Art tells us about ourselves, our world, and what it is to be human, and that’s what I write about. It’s a representation of artists’ life experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions and it communicates something about our social histories and the ideas swirling around us in our culture.

The Gallery Companion is for folks who want to learn more about art from the past and the present, discussed in bite-sized chunks. And in down-to-earth language that actually makes sense. There's no confusing art speak here. None of the hifalutin, hoity-toity, dry language which you sometimes find in the Art World and in books about art.

I’m Dr Victoria Powell, I’m a writer and lecturer, and I’ve been teaching the history of art to undergrads for over 15 years.

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As a paid member you get bonus content created by me, plus links to additional articles, books, podcasts and videos if you want to delve deeper into each week’s subject. And you get access to the online community via comments if you want to talk more about the art and ideas with me and other subscribers.

Who’s it for?

The Gallery Companion is definitely for you if you feel like you’re not quite sure what to think about art sometimes, or that you have missed ‘the point’ because you don’t understand what you’re looking at.

But it’s also for you if you have already got some knowledge of art + history and you want to learn more.

Here’s what a couple of current paid members say:

Really appreciating the discussions in The Gallery Companion. I only viewed art at a surface level before joining up - but being introduced to lots of artists and being able to really look at the art from dIfferent perspectives is a real joy. Thank you! Leila Ainge

Since I began following The Gallery Companion I've engaged with art in a completely different way. I went to art college years ago, and it's reignited the passion and enjoyment for art I used to have. I've started to visit more exhibitions, and to explore the work of artists I didn't know about. The way Victoria talks about art is so engaging, and I love listening to everyone who participates. I'm really glad I've found this space and this group of people. Heidi Evans

Behind the paywall you get:

  • Full access to weekly posts including bonus content and a treasure trove of links to videos and articles

  • Member status and access to the community and comments

  • Access to the back catalogue of posts

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Victoria Powell
I'm Dr Victoria Powell, a writer and lecturer in modern and contemporary art. I've been teaching art history to undergraduates for over 15 years. I'm all about making art easy to understand, without the confusing art speak.