What is The Gallery Companion?

The Gallery Companion is for folks who want to explore and learn more about art. We focus on contemporary art as well as art since the early 19th century.

Follow us if you'd like to fill in gaps in your knowledge of art history and get more confident about interpreting artworks. No prior knowledge needed, just a willingness to have your brain strettttched a bit.

Every week we introduce our members to the work of a different artist. Some of the artists you will probably have heard of before, and others will be new to you. 

The Gallery Companion also hosts live events on zoom. Our events are fun, relaxed, and interactive conversations about art with a friendly bunch of people. There’s no hoity-toity, hifalutin language or elitism here: we’re all about making art easy to understand, without the confusing art-speak. There are no boring talks delivered by distant lecturers who are only accessible through the 'chat' box. We're in the same room, and we talk as peers.