What's The Gallery Companion all about?

The Gallery Companion is for people who love looking at art, who are curious and want to understand it better.

It’s designed for folks who don’t have much time and don’t want to take a course, but do want to learn how to look at art from the past and the present, explained in bite-sized, enjoyable chunks by an expert. And in down-to-earth language that actually makes sense.

I’m Dr Victoria Powell, I’m a writer and lecturer, and I’ve been teaching art history to undergrads for over 15 years.

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No art speak

There's no confusing art speak here. None of the hifalutin, hoity-toity, dry language which you sometimes find in the Art World and in books about art.

I show you how to look at formal aspects of art like composition and colour, but I also talk about the context in which the artists were working.


Art tells us something about what it is to be human. It’s a representation of our life experiences, thoughts and emotions and it provides a way of talking about really interesting (and sometimes difficult) cultural ideas and social histories. Exploring art is about exploring ideas, and that’s what I do.

How much does it cost?

Sign up as a paid member for £8 per month (£72 annual) and you’ll get weekly guidance and bite-sized videos which focus on artists from the past 200 years, straight to your inbox.

The Gallery Companion videos tell stories about artists and the main ideas you need to know to understand their work, as well as showing you how to look at specific artworks. 

Here's an example. It’s not corporate and faceless, it’s me with my art history lecturer’s eye talking about the things that I think are interesting about an artist and their work.

Plus you get links to additional articles, books and videos if you want to learn more. I'll ask you questions and prompt you to post your thoughts in the online community if you want to talk more about the art and ideas with me and other subscribers.


Who's it for?


The Gallery Companion is for all levels of knowledge.

It’s definitely for you if you feel like you’re not quite sure what to think about art sometimes, or that you have missed ‘the point’ because you don’t understand what you’re looking at.


But it’s also for you if you have already got some knowledge of art history and you want to learn more.

I produce all of the content, and I reply to you in the comments. It's like having your own personal art history tutor guiding and challenging you to connect the dots as your knowledge builds over time.


This is gradual and fun learning without investing lots of time and money on boring courses from out-of-reach lecturers and empty chat forums.