Who's Behind The Gallery Companion?

I'm Victoria Powell and I set up The Gallery Companion in 2021. I'm an art historian with 15 years of teaching under my belt. During that time I've equipped countless students with the necessary skills to stop staring blankly at the canvas and to approach any artwork with confidence.

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Now I'm leading the charge to reach a wider group of people, not just those who have the opportunity to study art at university. I want to make art education more accessible and affordable.

My aim with The Gallery Companion is to break down the barriers to art, which is often seen as an exclusive field of knowledge. It shouldn't be. Art is our creative response to life, and it has the power to reach every single one of us. It's something special. It makes us pause, and contemplate. Sometimes in wonder and joy, sometimes in confusion, sometimes with annoyance, sometimes with despair.

My love of art began back in my student days at the University of Cambridge, where I studied History of Art. A few years later I got an MA in the History of Design at the Royal College of Art in London, and then my PhD from Birkbeck, University of London. You can find out more about all that jazz on my LinkedIn page here, if you're interested.