What members say...

Since I began following The Gallery Companion I've engaged with art in a completely different way. I went to art college years ago, and it's reignited the passion and enjoyment for art I used to have. I've started to visit more exhibitions, and to explore the work of artists I didn't know about. The Art Salon blows my mind. The way Victoria talks about art is so engaging, and I love listening to everyone who participates. I'm really glad I've found this space and this group of people.

Heidi Evans

Margie and I just want to write to tell you how important and interesting we find The Gallery Companion. Important because it generates new ideas, gives us the buzz of engagement, and forces us to see new art in ways we would not have thought of otherwise. It is so interesting that we frequently find we don't agree with one or more of the ideas discussed (we find ourselves talking them over the next day) and that stimulates growth.  Thank you for hosting this community - we highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the world of contemporary art.

Alana James 

I'm not 100% sure of myself when it comes to art, but I love following the conversations between the members, reading the links and watching the videos that get posted. I'm learning so much! I would recommend The Gallery Companion to anyone who is interested in art and wants to gain a bit of confidence. It doesn't feel like something I'm on the outside of anymore.

Natasha Kitching

Thank you for The Gallery Companion, it's great. I have enjoyed the live sessions very much. Even a simple thing like you saying that you need to put the work in to understand some art, has made me feel less stupid for not “getting it” straight away. 

Rebecca Atherfold

Really appreciating the discussions in The Gallery Companion. For example I only viewed Jenna Gribbon's work at a surface level before joining up - but being introduced to other artists and being able to really look at the art from dIfferent perspectives is a real joy. Thank you!

Leila Ainge

I really, really enjoy The Gallery Companion. And Victoria makes the live events very comfortable. Even though I've got an art background and art has been part of my life I don't feel very confident talking about it. But it doesn't matter in this group of people, I just love listening to other people talk. Victoria is a great host and is so down-to-earth, but also eloquent and articulate. She doesn't waffle on, everything she says is so pertinent and insightful, and I just love it. The discussions make me feel alive. 

Jennifer Evans